Dec 23 (1/1): Erdogan Even Ruins Soccer

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) declined to fine the Turkish national soccer team for political statements in the form of military salutes. Issues fines for fans for the same stuff. This is a double standard that, beyond all logic and reason, is a real thing that happened. #UEFA reprimands #Turkey over footballers’ militaryContinue reading “Dec 23 (1/1): Erdogan Even Ruins Soccer”

Dec 22 (1/1): The Beautiful Children of Syria

Meet Madge. In 1964 Majd won "The most beautiful child" in Syria & awarded car pictured below. In 2019 he's been held hostage for nrly 1000 dys in the same country that adored him. Majd never committed a crime. As a therapist, he's only given love & compassion to all. Please let him free! reading “Dec 22 (1/1): The Beautiful Children of Syria”

Dec 21 (1/1): Poor Idlib

Everything in Idlib continues to be awful. #SaveIdlib — Sharon Kathy McAuley (@SharonMcAuley7) December 21, 2019 Now, there are two things at work here. One is that the relative calm in eastern Syria brings into sharp relief the violence conducted in the west. The other is that it has gotten objectively more violent. Assad’sContinue reading “Dec 21 (1/1): Poor Idlib”

Dec 20 (1/1): Rojava, Local Governance & Way of Life

The new “borders” between the various foreign forces of significance in northern Syria have solidified a bit. So that means hammering out an understanding of how things will work going forward. Given the nature of the war at all levels—kinetic violence, economic, social, etc.—it makes sense that the cessation (or partial cessation) of shooting wouldContinue reading “Dec 20 (1/1): Rojava, Local Governance & Way of Life”

Dec 19 (1/1): Divinity, Normalcy & Struggle

It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but the bold reserve of Kurdistan in northern Iraq has been showing. Frankly, they haven’t been doing much. And that’s sorta the point. Like, the very lion’s share of the very possibility of the mundane stems from the maintenance of a certain level of order and stability.Continue reading “Dec 19 (1/1): Divinity, Normalcy & Struggle”

Dec 18 (1/1): Erdogan’s Mediterranean Misadventures

It seems like Erdogan must already be fighting everyone by now, and then he manages to step it up a notch. As in, that maritime pact with Libya is turning out to be an emerging conflict encompassing the whole eastern Mediterranean. As though this didn’t have bad action movie written all over it already, there hasContinue reading “Dec 18 (1/1): Erdogan’s Mediterranean Misadventures”

Dec 17 (1/1): Brexit, Turkey, ISIS & the Rise of Russia

tl;dr: Putin and Turkey have Europe surrounded and you don’t’ have to be that racist to be concerned that Erdogan might release ISIS terrorists under his influence into Europe. In this context, many peoples around the world are finding it preferable to cozy up with other right wingers in the world, close up shop, andContinue reading “Dec 17 (1/1): Brexit, Turkey, ISIS & the Rise of Russia”

Dec 16 (1/1): Erdogan’s Adventures in Libya

Rundown: Turkey made a pact with the Government of National Accord (GNA) which holds Tripoli but little of the rest of territorial Libya as compared to their opposition, the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Gen. Haftar. This pact Turkey is making is basically to dominate the eastern Mederanean, ostensibly for energy development and pipelinesContinue reading “Dec 16 (1/1): Erdogan’s Adventures in Libya”

Dec 15 (1/1): Turkish Religion in Germany

So apparently Erdogan uses religion in creepy ways in other countries. This had not occurred to me as a thing. I mean, I understood how he uses religion in creepy ways in his own country. where he’s set himself up as some kind of Nazi prophet or something. I just didn’t realize he used itContinue reading “Dec 15 (1/1): Turkish Religion in Germany”

Dec 14 (2/2): Russia’s Sales Pitch for the S-400

Y’know, it would be just like Russia to have this whole war in Syria, for them anyway, to be just an elaborate sales pitch to every tinpot dictator in the world to buy their S-400 air defense system to piss off the United States. Not saying it’s a bad idea for them. Just that it’sContinue reading “Dec 14 (2/2): Russia’s Sales Pitch for the S-400”