Oct 22 (8/9): Friends of Jews & Christians

Welp, accidentally saw another few people get shot. Awesome. Fucking Twitter autoplay.

Anyway, shit may be getting worse on the ground already. Not a rigorous review of evidence, but from my vantage point it seems like there is an uptick in the Turkish backed militia sharing violent atrocities in social media.

They’d been doing it before—throughout the five day thing-fire period, there were pictures and video coming out that demonstrated troops were doing precisely what Turkish government supporters were denying they were doing. But now we’re seeing random beatings on the street, troops stomping on pictures of Öcalan, we learned that the politician that was killed a week or so ago wasn’t shot but raped and stoned to death.

Stuff like that. It looks like the Turkish affiliated forces are feeling empowered to behave poorly, emboldened by the US withdrawal. The practice of random violence to create chaos and fear would unequivocally be terrorism if these acts were carried out against a recognized mation state.

But they’re not.

In many ways, this is sadly not very surprising; check this out:

Translation from Turkish Google Translate):

Kumtemir Ahmet


Konya Metropolitan Municipality billboards “Jews and Christians do not make friends. Allah does not lead the wrongdoing community” verse was written. (Surat al-Ma’ida – Verse 51)

I was going to post some pics and video of what’s going on on the ground in Syria but… but now I’ve thought better of it. Anyone who wants can find it easily enough, so it seems better not to “impose” it one people given the graphical nature of the content.

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